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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Palo Alto

Opener Repair

When your garage door opener malfunctions or refuses to open your garage door then you need to have a technician come out to your home or business to diagnose the problem by examining the motor and other component. We can do this for you and repair the opener or help you choose a new model to replace the existing one that your garage door has in place.

Same Day Service

Pro Line Garage Doors knows that you as our Palo Alto customer want to have a technician sent to your home or business the same day that you call. We hear you and we have responded in kind with our same day garage door repair services. We are unique because we do not leave you hanging if you need us on the weekend. We have opened our doors seven days per week so that we can give you many convenient times opportunities to get repair services completed by us.

Weather Seal Replacement

Weather seal often peels from the bottom of your door. Some people ignore this issue, but it actually needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it helps to keep your garage dry. Weather seal blocks out moisture so it plays a role in how safe guarded your garage door is. We can remove the weather seal that has come off and apply one that is brand new.

Loose or Broken Hinges

Hinges like many other garage door parts can become loosened by the moving of the structure of the door. The constant motion of your garage door can also make the hinges break. When a break has occurred, your door is no longer safe to operate until it has been repaired. A technician is specifically trained to deal with this dangerous repair job so let us do the heavy lifting for you and repair or replace your door’s hinges.

Emergency Services

When you need emergency garage door repair services, you can turn to Pro Line Garage Doors because we can do what is needed to fix the door and solve the emergency fast. In today’s world, it can be hard to have your voice heard when it is late and most businesses are closed. We are open seven days per week and we have a service for after hours emergency calls that you can take advantage of for your sudden garage door repair needs.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

Your garage door tracks can take a pounding on a daily basis due to the weight of the door and the size of it. If you are having issues such as rust, misalignment or bending of your tracks then we can find a remedy to fix it for you. The tracks need to be maintained after they have been repaired so that they do not degrade any longer.


Some residential and commercial doors have struts that are located above the door and they clamp together so that the sections and panels stay together and do not become broken when the door is closed or opened. Because of the length of these items, we suggest that you do not try to remove them and replace them without help from a professional.


If your logic board is causing communication hiccups with your garage door then you may need to replace the board itself ASAP. We can do this repair by taking out the light bulb and lens cover. We do this so that we can find the wires on the control panel which will allow us to slide the board out after we remove the screws. Our technicians know a lot about wiring and boards so they will first troubleshoot it and then if all else fails they can move forward with a replacement at your request.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Broke or bent rollers can make your garage door lack the proper amount of balance that it needs. The rollers can be replaced by a technician who can also put garage door lubricant on them to ensure that they will work well and will not endure a lot of wear and tear when they are at use to open and close the door.


A garage door keypad failure can make it almost impossible to access your garage door. Pro Line knows that the issue can be resolved quickly through completing a troubleshooting process. We can see if the keypad has a short or if your wires just need to be readjusted. We can also find replacement keypads if we cannot fully repair the keypad for you.


Slats are not on most residential garage doors, but if you own a metal door that is used for commercial purposes then you probably have these bars on the exterior of your door. They help to keep the door where it has to be in regards to the track system. The slats cannot be repaired so replacing them by removing them with a mitre saw is the solution that our skilled technicians take.

Broken Sensor Eye

A broken sensor eye can stop your garage door in its tracks-literally! One way you can tell that your sensor eye has an issue is if your garage door remote won’t turn on your door and the lights just flash. The wires are often the key to the problem as they may be loose or shorted out. Pro Line technicians can handle broken sensor eyes for you whenever you need us to.


Your garage door cables rely on the drums so that they can function. The torsion shaft and rollers have to use the cable drums to work the door properly. Your torsion shaft which is a bar made of metal often causes the drums to become worn because the cables have are threaded on these drums often. Our technicians can assess each of the cable drums and repair them.


Your garage door remote can fail at time due to the batteries which may not be working so you should go to a store and find replacement batteries and install them to see if this can be a quick fix solution for you. Remotes are flimsy so this means that you can accidentally damage them. If you have us replace or repair your remote and it still does not turn on your garage door opener then we will see if an adjustment to your safety eyes can help to repair the remote problem.


Couplings can experience difficulties so it is important to have the coupler in working order as its job entails that it turns a drive screw to operate the door. We can find a replacement coupling and coupler for you and install them so that they work together effectively.

Bearing Plates

Your bearing plates can fail due to the amount of stress that the three plates have to ensure. These plates are metal and can shear or break due to down force and other issues. Sometimes your bearing plates can be fixed by a technician while in other situations a replacement will be your only option to make your door work again.


The garage door requires a shaft so that the cable drums have the support that they need so that the cables can be wound up properly as they activate the garage door. Corrosion and shearing can cause the shaft to not be able to carry the weight of the drums any longer. A technician will take down your door’s cables and then switch the shaft with a brand new one.


Garage door gears that need to be repaired or replaced often need this because of wear and tear or issues with dirt getting trapped in the gears themselves. The chain on the door can make the gears work twice as hard as they used to. Technicians can easily pull the gear assembly out and replace it.

Bumper Issues

Your garage door bumper is either what is called a push down or leaf spring bumper. In our experience, we see leaf spring bumpers installed on overhead doors while other doors usually possess push down bumpers. Both types assign tension to the garage door cables and are important to stop the garage door from slamming to the floor which can cause bending or breaking that can be costly for your to repair. Bumpers can be easily changed out for your garage door the same day that you notify us of the issue.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Safety eyes communicate with each other so if they fail then your door will not fully raise and lower in the proper manner. An adjustment can be done to make sure that they are aligned so that the beam is not obstructed by anything. This can help the garage door opener to be informed that it is safe again to open the door. The safety eyes might also have dirt and grime on them so we can address this by taking a rag and making them spotless once again.

Section or Panel Replacement

A section or panel of your garage door may have to be replaced. As the years go by, anything can happen to the exterior of your garage door. Please tell us the make and model of your garage door so that we can pull the specifications to see if the door was made in sections or is in one piece. This can help us ensure that we can complete the replacement job as requested.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

Your trolley carriage is vulnerable to breaking and when it does, your garage door will not work. The trolley carriage can be replaced by our technician who will take several steps to separate the trolley and its carriage so that the replacement parts can be added as quickly as possible so that your door can get back on track.

Cable Replacement

You may not notice it, but every day your garage door cables are being threaded around their drums which means that they can become broken or fray at the ends. The technicians can remove the cables, but do not attempt this by yourself because it is incredibly dangerous to do. The cables cannot be repaired because they will just continue to fray which threatens the lives of anyone who uses the garage door.

Pro Line Garage Doors offers local repair services to the zip codes of 94301 and 94305. You will be able to see from the results that you receive that we do a quality job with our installations and repairs. When you call us, we will take your information and work with you to schedule a same day appointment if you wish so that we can complete your job when you need us to.